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DIY Hair Growth Treatment | #CurlyCult

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       Its Emani Mone and I am bringing you my own personal hair treatment that works miracles! While there is no mayo involved I do use a household food. Onions! I absolutely do not like onions once so ever. Literally, one of my flash bulb memories comes from an instance where I was about 8 and my mom tricked me into eating pizza with onions inside the crust (Btw, I cringed writing that). But, onions actually contain calming properties and sulfur which really sooths and promote healthy hair growth. Similar to mint, onions open your pores or hair follicles in this instance and let the healing properties flow.

My Routine

What You Need:
Onions (which ever type you prefer)
Bowl Or Spray Bottle
Shower Cap

 Fun Fact! Onions give your hair a nice copper glow which is perfect for the summer.

1) Chop the onions into thin slices but try not to let all the onion juices slip onto the counter or cutting board.
2) Add the onions to the water
3) Let the onion and water sit for about 24-72 hours.
4) Separate or detangle your hair with your fingers
5) Pour or spray the mixture into your hair.
6) Let the onion mixture sit in your hair for about 30min with shower cap
7) Wash and wallah magic!!

When I tried this for the first time I felt so refreshed and the smell of the onion thank god rinsed out! The feeling of the onion on the scalp is just to die for you really feel the onion work its magic on your follicles. Along with a daily messaging of your scalp you should see your hair growth increase. Keep in mind your hair can grow half- two inches per month.

Make sure you comment and tell me about your experience!!

Thanks to all whom read, commented and shared this blog!

Emani Mone

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