Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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                Its Emani Mone coming to you today to give you a peek into my interior design mind. If you have not read my blog posts before this one I am a college student whom owns an online store, blog and who loves interior design! I just love the thought of creating a space which a person or family will use and love and possibly pass down. I was even thinking of creating a separate instagram account. Hmmm, I will keep you guys posted because I already have my personal instagram, and my business instagram.
                Moving into todays blog post. When you first move into an apartment or house usually you have this really bland white decor.  That absolutely does not mean you have to spend $800 plus looking for an awesome couch or really decorative statement piece. Honestly, if you have a regular grey or black sofa adding accent pieces such as paintings and tapestry can really brighten up your space. Take a look at the pictures I found via Pinterest below.

Although this space has a very con-formative grey decor the orange in the painting and bed really make the space earthy. As well as the brown rugs below and the copperish lamps.

Without the beetles, a buggy and decorative pillows this space would seem like a living room that you could not really live in. You see my point?

The same with this living space. Although, this space has a very clean sleek look. 

Change a normal foyer to a pink and gold paradise. A lot of department stores are doing sales on them so check them out to stock up on these mirrored beauties.

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