Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ξ What To Wear Wednesday ξ

Hola Blog Bunnies,

   It's Emani Mone and I am sitting in my college library to bring you guys a what to wear wednesday post. So far my day is going by good school wise, I just completed a public speaking demo speech that I received a A+ on! But, I just feel sad today. I know I am working so hard towards my goals it just feels like the success is coming a little slower then usual.. BUT..maybe it's the weather yeah lets go with that! The weather.
  Well as some of you readers know I own an online store knowing that you may know as any women I have a few favorite pieces. One of my favorites is also a best seller so why not include that into this weeks WTWW?! So here you go!!

86 Jersey ( Click Here )
Shoes Zara 
Necklace Forever 21
Bag H&M

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Emani Mone

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