Wednesday, March 5, 2014

∇ Totally Clueless ∇

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  Have you heard of the thunder from down under Iggy Azalea? If you haven't I am pretty sure you have read or seen the movie clueless! Well in this blog post we will be talking about how Iggy Azalea has created the best and most creative music video I have seen in about 2-3 years. 
   In the music video "Fancy" Iggy has taken us back to the VERY colorful VERY chic 90's. Not to mention that the music video actually took place where they shot the original Clueless movie?! Take a blast to the past in my favorite scenes with Cher, Dee and Amber. I actually planned on doing a vintage shoot for my online store around this theme. WELP, she beat me to it! Enjoy!

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