Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spread A Little Love

Good Morning Blog Bunnies,

 Yesterday I realized a smile, a hug and an hello can truly change your day. It is said that if someone goes a day without hugging or having any interaction they'll start to go crazy. Hugs instantly boost serotonin levels which elevates mood and creates the feeling of happiness.
  Yesterday I set forth and made it a job for me to interact with everyone I passed. Which for me usually being a person who only talks to whom talks to me was a big change. I loved it I actually loved saying hi to people even if they turned around and pretended I was not even there. That's not my problem. You never know how or where you will see that person again and it's better to make every interaction you have with someone be a positive smile. Being beautiful doesn't only count on the outside. 
  So if you have read this I highly recommend trying this, I promise you will have an amazing day. Spread a little love.

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Emani Mone 

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