Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coloring Your Home | Interior Tuesdays

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It is Emani Mone and after dealing with the "polar-vortex" that hit the east coast I bet you are happy it is finally Spring! Now feeling like spring is another story.. But, I know something that can make your home feel like a walk through the park on a late Spring day! It is called colorizing. Now I know in kindergarden we learned blue and yellow color made green. But, now as adults we can learn how different colors affect your mood and even creativity. As a writer and online store owner making banners and being creative is a major part of my job because it is how I earn money and attract new readers. Being that, I have to know which colors do what to the subconscious mind. View the chart I scooped up from Inhabitat.com to write this amazing.

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