Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Not So Minute + G I V E A W A Y+

Hey Blog Bunnies!

  It is Emani Mone here once again and today on my monday minute (not so minute lol) I am giving you guys my January favorites PLUS a giveaway with my online clothing store

 So January has been a month of new beginnings for me at least! I have started spring semester, started exercising more, my new career and just started enjoying life more. In January I have been loving Penne Pasta, it is so delicious omgsh but I know I have to slow down on it because I'll gain the weight I am trying to lose (5 pounds). I also have been loving my Madison bag now that I am back in school and need something bigger to carry all my books and laptop in. Carrying a MacBook Pro is not easy! In addition, my Lady Gaga Fame perfume set my boyfriend purchased for me that I've been asking for forever! This cool snapback I got thanks to which is below and I have a picture wearing it on instagram. My new career is also one of my January favorites I am a full time blogger, online store owner and Mary Kay Cosmetics Rep. It makes me happy and I do not consider it a J.O.B. Also, these fab shoes that I cannot wait to wear in the spring and summer and most importantly MIAMI!

Here is some pics of my favorite things


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