Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What To Wear Wednesday - Pre Valentines Day Edition!

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Its Emani Mone and todays post is a bit of inspiration for valentines day! I am definitely not one of those girls whom sit on the couch waiting for a guy to ask her out. BUT, I am that type of girl who loves dressing up for absolutely no reason! *smiley face emoji with lots of teeth* Seriously I cant be the only one? Anyway, after a recent conversation with my boy friend and a couple other male friends. Men or course think short skirts or showing a lot of skin = a good time after dinner. So these posts wont be so much skin but a little more classic with a twist. If you're that kind of lady keep reading.

Also, as the fine Marc Jacob's stated

№1 - Pop Of Red

I think the cat suit is an ultra-chic way to highlight your body and the jacket gives you that extra layer not only from the cold but from showing too much skin. The cat suit is already sexy enough no need to go over board. Lastly, the bag is a great way to give that pop of red to represent valentines day. All items in the post can be bought at

№2 - Don't Be Blue 

Now despite I said showing skin gives guys the wrong idea who doesn't love a nice dress? Plus I think its a great color to get away from all the typical people wearing pink and red.

№3 - What Would Kim Wear (That Kanye Picked Out For Her)?

"I die" In the words of Rachel Zoe for this vegan leather peplum top and spiked shoes. Now this look can be worn to dinner at a upscale restaurant or to a movie. Depending on the hairstyle, makeup and etc. SHEESH us women have it hard lol. Well to make it easy you can purchase this top and shoes from

Also , receive 10% off all orders until Feb 13. using code "1stDate" at checkout.

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