Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TMET - Too Much Emani Tuesdays | Self-Confidence Edition

 Hey Blog Bunnies! 

     Its Emani Mone and I wanted to talk about self confidence today. Now this is an area that affected my life from the time I started school through about my last year of high school. I am now in my second year of college and no longer feel unconfident in myself or my career path. I faced issue's because I developed acne at a very young age and I had a uni-brow. Although, today you cant tell me anything because my eyebrows are fierce! Back then I had low self-esteem because people would refer to me as "the girl with the thick eyebrows" also they would pick on me. But, today it helps to know the same girls draw on their eyebrows today! lol. Anyways, growing up I did not have a big sister to talk to although I do have a caring mother I just thought she was saying positive things because she was my mother. So I made this video because its always nice to hear something from someone around your age you know? 

    Never think you have the issue if you are being bullied. Never fall into peer pressure because its your life YOU face the consequences. Never aid anyone in making someone feel bad. You should want to be the light not the darkness. You can gain so much from just being a good person inside and out. 

Hope You Enjoy The Video!
 Xoxo, Emani Mone

 -p.s the prettiest people do the ugliest things!

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