Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spring Semester !

Hey Blog Bunnies,

  It's Emani Mone again and I am so happy to start this spring semester of college! Last semester was full of me working (my old job) and just focusing on spending time with my family whenever I can or could. This semester no matter what, I plan on letting my vision be clear.
  Anyway I  recently did a mini-photo shoot and I incorporated a look that I think would be really fun and cute for spring semester. When I was looking for an outfit I thought about comfort and cuteness to be honest. So I thought this outfit was the perfect match.

Jean Shirt - American Eagle Outfitters.

Varsity Letter Skirt - H & M 
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Bag -
Sneakers - Converse Chuck Taylors

Side note - I enjoyed taking these pictures but you know what I noticed while I was taking them? That I look so BIG on camera lol not a major breaking news article but I just plan on loosing about 5 pounds that I am pretty sure I gained through the holidays. NOTHING I repeat NOTHING is wrong with my weight, I just need to tone up a bit.  Plus I plan on going to Miami for spring break so I want to be bikini ready :p

But Thank You Everyone Who Is Reading! Where ever you are :)

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Emani Mone

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