Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Years Eve + New Years Day

Ello Blog Bunnies,

  Its Emani Mone here and I just wanted to share my New Years Eve & day with you guys. So to break it down I basically spent all day cleaning on New Years eve per usual. Then after I freshly cleaned my room I got dressed so of course my room got ruined again *insert crying emoji*. After I got dressed my boy friend face-timed me his outfit..SO I rushed over there and picked it out for him as any girl friend would do. I was honestly so excited after I got dressed so any reason would've gotten me out the house.   After we picked a suitable New Years outfit for him I asked him to take a million pictures of me so check them out below. It was one of friends birthdays so she had a huge multi-level house party it was amaze balls and I was glad to spend another year with my new years kiss (boyfriend).

              ^^^ This One Even Made It To Instagram ^^^

              I'm very minimal with jewelry                      

No Night Is Complete Without A Dirty Mirror Selfie
(I Look So Tiny)

 New Years Day, 
               My mom threw a dinner party in the casa to celebrate the New Year and my new career decisions. We celebrated New Years morning with completing our goals charts in the morning while cooking and baking the cakes for the party. Then afterward, we cleaned some more. You know when people come over you have to clean every nook and cranny. The house flooded with people and I had to run upstairs to get dressed because I was busy cleaning the house. Deep into the New Years dinner party the topic of Kwanzaa popped up and we realized that it was the last and final day which is named "Imani", and as you may know that is my name although my name is spelled with an E. Anyway Imani means faith and that day you are supposed to reflect on family, community and just over all togetherness so we were all proud to be spending the day how the holiday was meant to be spent.

Giant Smile For My Readers! Thanks For Watching My Journey As A Young Business Women & Blogger.
Until Next Time!
Emani Mone

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