Thursday, January 16, 2014

Military Athletics | OOTD

Hey Blog Bunnies!
     As you guys have seen from my previous blog post athleticism (number 9 to be exact) is one of my trend predictions for the spring/summer. Although, it has been here for awhile my predictions is that it'll be here for awhile longer especially because of the warmer weather we will actually be able to wear things like our tennis skirts and not freeze our butts off. 
   Well yesterday when I was getting dressed I realized that I was actually following one of my trends that I predicted! Isn't that funny? 

So let me break down my outfit.

№1 Vegan Leather Baseball Cap | Deena & Oozy
№2 Sweater |  H & M | Its actually a mens sweater! lol
№3 Vegan Leather Skirt Overall | H & M 
№4 My Leather & Silver Cuff Not Shown.


I actually made a video for this outfit so i'll be posting it sometime today right here!

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