Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lazy Daze

Hello Blog Bunnies!

    Its Emani Mone here and for the last two days I have been a lazy little baby. I've been mostly working from bed and have been sleeping until about 11am. Its just something about the cold weather and snow that keeps me in bed. Well I know I cant wake up late anymore because spring semester starts tomorrow. Heres an outfit that I think is so comfy and warm (with a jumper underneath of course) for this lazy little lady. I promise I'll get out of bed..In a few lol.


Outfit Dets.

Jean Shirt - American Eagle
Galaxy Leggings - PoliteSocietyStore.com
Black Heels - Sam Elderman

Stay Tuned For A TME- Tuesday Post on my YouTube channel today.

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Love You All!
Emani Mone

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