Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hair Tip №1.

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Hola Blog Bunnies!

    It's Emani Mone and I am giving you my first hair tip. I am not going to name it the cliche "natural hair tip" because most women have natural hair. I honestly do not see the big deal..yatta yatta yatta...
    Well just so you guys know I have naturally curly brown hair, I straighten my hair and leave it curly occasionally. In the winter I really struggle with my hair because it tends to snap right off! Curly hair tends to soak up moisture a lot more than fine hair so it can easily become dry. So I usually say NO to (a lot of) shampoo during the winter to avoid unnecessary drying out. Plus dirt is like a cool hair growth serum we do not have to pay for!  lol. 
   So if you are a curly gal, say NO to a lot of shampoo in the winter and just co-wash..A LOT! Your hair will thank you by summer time.

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Emani Mone

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