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New Year's Look Book | 2014 |

     Hey blog bunnies! I hope you are having a great week this far I am! I have changed my career and am looking forward to all the success it will give me in the year 2014. Sheesh have these years just passed on by. I have so many video and blog ideas I just do not know where to even start but I am going to try my best to blog about 3-5 times a week. I have a lot of requests for hair and eyebrow tutorials ;) 
   But anyway! The video above was just my idea of three outfits for three VERY different girls. I don't know where I get these ideas from but I hope you watch it and enjoy it! Hopefully that persuades you into subscribing to my YouTube and so on.

  I hope you guys stay tuned and continue to watch me grow as a blogger, business owner, YouTuber and person. 

Well here are the looks listed below in detail unlike on my YouTube

Outfit 1:
№1 - Darby Hat - - I love to switch up the look with this hat from day to night
№2 - Shirt / Necklace - H&M - My boyfriend actually picked out the necklace and the shirt I got for $5 off the sale rack holla!
№3 - Shorts - D.I.Y - Made like two summers ago with studs and white paint splatter
№4 - Jacket - Andrew Marc Leather - I bought this at my old job, only plus side of working there.

Outfit 2:
№1 - Chain - Nasty Gal - I love it but its kind of stiff sometimes
№2 - Jacket - - Love this jacket its so warm
№3 - Skirt - - Asymmetrical and I love it I would recommend getting a size up if fits snug.  
№4 - Shoes - Sam Elderman - Got these little babies for about $50 at the lord & taylor outlet
№5 - Sweater - H&M - Picked this bad boy up for $24 and I have been getting millions of compliments ever since

Outfit 3:
№1 - Jacket - Forever 21 (ON SALE!!! LIKE 25 BUCKS)
№2 - Dress - Forever 21 - I love the way it fits even though in he vid I look like a fatty patty
№3 - Shoes - Call It Spring - A branch off store from Call it Spring

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Thanks Again For Reading!!!

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