Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Merry Christmas !

Hello Blog Bunnies,

         Its Emani Mone here and I just wanted to share my Christmas with you guys!! So here is the background info! Although, my family is not the type to open a present or two on Christmas Eve. My Christmas actually started on Christmas Eve shockingly.  But, I had work to work.. ugh and I work in the mall so it was like double ugh.. every time a customer walked in they literally said I am just here to compare online and in-store prices and waste time. Therefore I made like nothing in commission and it was a complete and utter waste of time. I could've been out shopping! Well long story short I ended up taking my break and going shopping anyway, I needed to pick up a last minute gift for my dad and boy friend <3. I saved theirs for last because I wanted it to be the best of the best and since I work in the mall I know what is there and where I can get the bargains and discounts at. So after I picked up their gifts it was almost time for the mall to close thank god! So after we closed the store I went home and started to wrap my gifts like the little elf I am. After I was literally done wrapping the presents, my mom called me downstairs to ask if I wanted to go to the super market and grab a few things for breakfast tomorrow morning and dinner that night. So we went and I also picked up this mini cupcake maker I've been seeing everywhere and some red velvet cupcake mix :p. When we got home my little sister and I quickly jumped and made the cupcakes with the mini-maker although we messed up on the first batch the second was as perfect as pie! We usually do things like that on Christmas hence the my Christmas started on Christmas Eve. But, my little sister fell asleep before we could put the icing on le mini cupcakes so I just waited until the morning so she wouldn't feel left out. After everyone was asleep I snuck my presents for everyone down stairs and put them under the tree. I do that every year to make it seem like I forgot and to reduce my nosey mom from peeking through her gifts lol.
      On Christmas day, I woke up to my little 7 year-old sister screaming: "WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS!!" Honestly speaking, I wanted to roll over in my bed and say give me another hour but I just smiled and got out of bed. Soon as I went downstairs my little sister tried to make us line up and open our presents DIDNT WORK. But, my mom divided all the gifts to whom it belonged to and everyone went into a gift unwrapping frenzy. Afterward, we ate the amazing breakfast my mom made for us ugh. I cleaned the house and later on my boyfriend came over. I could not wait to give him his gift which you can see from the picture collage above or on my instagram, I got us matching Michael Kors watches. This Christmas, was the first of many that really felt like Christmas to me since my grandmother died. This whole holiday season felt magical to me and I feel like my family has grown closer, my birthday passed so I feel a little wiser and I feel like I have a clear vision now. I loved all my gifts but my favorite part was giving my family theirs and watching them smile especially my baby sister. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their christmas as much as I did!

Emani Mone

-p.s Christmas is not only about the gifts.
-p.p.s Sorry I did not feel the need to share what I received for Christmas.


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